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Other Imported Beer Range

Berliner Pilsner 5% 4x6pk Cans 330ml

Water, barley malt, hops and yeast: that's all it takes to brew a good pilsner. A nose for the best raw materials from nature, craftsmanship and a great experience. But above all, a lot of passion for really good beer!

Chang Beer 5% 6pk 330ml

The taste of Chang Beer’s unique golden brew is created through a time honoured brewing process and a selection of the finest ingredients the world has to offer – from the deep-water wells of Thailand to the finest yeast and hops the rest of the world has to offer.

Clausthaler Non Alc Beer 4pk Bottles 330ml

A well-balanced nonalcoholic lager. Fresh and easy to drink. Brewed with the finest barley malt and choicest hops using a unique, patented brewing method – which does not involve extracting the alcohol at the end of brewing. Freshness and a pleasingly intense hoppy note. Creamy on the palate with the sweetness balanced by a moderate bitterness. Brewed strictly in accordance with the German Beer Purity Law. Awards - World's Best Alcohol Free Lager 2014 What the Beer Expert Says: Tasting Notes: An easy-drinking lager with notes of soft baguette, fresh-cut grass and hay, with a long, lingering herbal bitterness. Food Pairing: One of the hoppier lagers in this bunch, Clausthaler’s herbal grassy hops and sweet, bready core make it the perfect game-day brew. It’s perfect with buffalo wings, piled-high chicken or veggie nachos, hot dogs or mac n’ cheese. Verdict: This hoppier lager is a champ, taking home the gold medal at the World Beer Awards in 2013, 2011, 2010 & 2009 in the non-alcoholic beer category. Part of the reason is the weight — it feels like a genuine beer on the palette — and the other is that it strikes the perfect balance between malty sweetness and hoppy bitterness.


DAB Export Beer 6x4pk Cans 500ml

Pale-Gold in colour. Slim and Elegant, a fine sparkle and full taste. ABV: 5%


DAB Maibock 7% 6x4pk Cans 500ml

Smells mildly of yeast, malts and a little soapy. Filtered medium gold colour with a thinn head that lasts to the end with tons of sticky lacing. Good malts and sweet up front with next to no hops. Medium to full body palate. ABV:7%


El Diablo 12% Beer 500ml

At 12% alcohol and 500ml capacity this bad boy packs in the flavour and punch of almost 4 regular beers.

Feldschlobchen 5% 4x6x500ml

Feldschlobchen Pale Wheat German Beer. AVB 5%

Feldschlobchen Pale Wheat Beer 5% 500ml

Feldschlobchen Pale Wheat German Beer. AVB 5%


Feldschlobchen Pale Wheat Beer 5% 6x500ml

Feldschlobchen Pale Wheat German Beer. AVB 5%

Folsom 8% Beer 500ml Can ea

Brewed with premium malt and 2 hops varieties. The ingredient combination provides a unique, pear aroma, tangy hoppy-ness, thus a pleasant mixture of bitter and malt-sweet. ABV: 8%


OJ FUZZ Peach Beer 6pk Bottles 330ml

A sweet yet sour premium quality beverage with a tongue tingling aroma of tropical peaches with an explosion of warm ‘fuzz’ once it hits your taste buds. ABV: 4%

OJ Pilsner 5% 4pk 500ml Cans

This lager beer is a bottom-fermented beer, brewed according to the German Purity Law with only water, Barley malt and hops. It’s a clear, gold coloured beer with a pure smell and aroma, a full body and a mild and pleasant bitterness.